Weekly Digest – February 28 2024

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New study unveils the major companies behind the great US employment boom

A new study reveals that tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are among the top companies where employees are seeking new jobs. Despite high salaries, workers are leaving due to job dissatisfaction, seeking better work-life balance, career growth, and company culture at smaller firms or startups.

Small business grants available to help companies fill vacant storefronts

Various grants are being offered to help businesses occupy empty storefronts, aiming to revitalize communities and boost local economies. These grants support renovations, rent, and operational costs, and are available through local governments, economic development entities, and private organizations, with eligibility criteria and application processes varying by program.

Are you ready for this new Go-Go economy?

Josh Bersin discusses the ‘go-go economy’, characterized by rapid change and growth. Companies must adapt by investing in people, technology, and well-being. Businesses should focus on sustainable practices, employee development, and agile operations to thrive in this dynamic environment. Those who don’t risk falling behind.

Slower US inflation is set to fuel Fed rate-cut optimism

The latest U.S. inflation data suggests a slowdown, bolstering expectations that the Federal Reserve may cut interest rates. This development is anticipated to provide a positive stimulus for the global economy, as investors and policymakers look for signs of easing inflationary pressures to support economic growth.

Why the 1960s can help us understand our confusing economic mood

The article draws parallels between the current economic sentiment and the 1960s, highlighting similarities in inflation, low unemployment, and technological optimism. It suggests that studying the 1960s can offer insights into today’s confusing economic landscape, with potential lessons on managing inflation without triggering a recession.

Airlines make whopping $33 billion on bags, see where they fly free

Airlines globally earned $33 billion from baggage fees, with some carriers offering free checked bags as a competitive edge. The article examines the trend towards unbundling services and the consumer shift towards airlines that provide more inclusive fares, highlighting the balance between fee revenues and customer satisfaction.

Is it beneficial to make extra payments towards a car loan?

Making extra payments on a car loan can reduce the loan’s interest and term, leading to savings and a quicker path to ownership. However, it’s crucial to ensure there are no prepayment penalties and to consider personal financial stability before opting for this strategy.

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